Tank Trouble

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About Tank Trouble

In the online game Tank Trouble, you control a tank through a maze and shoot enemies with missiles.

How to play

Tank Trouble puts you up against smart army generals on battlefields that look like mazes. Laika is a great fighter, and you will face her in Solo mode. You can also play multiplayer warfare with up to two friends.

There are things like rockets, scatter bombs, and a double canon that can help you beat your enemies. Make sure that missiles don't hit the walls and kill your tank.


You use the arrow keys to steer your tank in Solo mode. You use space to shoot. You have to drive through the maze to find your enemies. When you do, you can save your game and shoot them before they can shoot you.

In multiplayer mode, player 1 drives with the "WASD" keys and shoots with the "Q" key. The arrow keys and space bar are used by Player 2. Player 3 can use the mouse to play.

Have fun and good luck!


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