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CubeShot is a first-person shooter with 3D targets. Every match in this amazing first-person shooter is very different from the last. You don't have to make an account or log in to use You will play against as many other people as possible. Your goal is to get the highest score or to be the last person standing. We just updated IO Game with a lot of new and best games like

How to play CubeShot
Move with WASD, crouch with Shift, and jump with Space. Move the mouse pointer to look around. Pres RMB to aim and LMB to attack. You can switch between guns by using the scroll wheel or the Q and E keys. Try out the different guns to find the best way to play the game. This sniper rifle is very powerful, but it is hard to use at close range. On the other hand, you can't fight close up without a pistol. When you know how to use more than one type of weapon, you have an advantage in many situations.

The new virtual photography rotations are great, but they tend to get boring quickly. Some old recipes, on the other hand, never go out of style. Go back to the glory days of legendary multiplayer games and play them again. CubeShot can be run for free in a normal browser window without having to download any extra files. Take on tough enemies in exciting long-range battles and always come out on top. Take out enemies who don't know what's coming and hold off their attacks against all odds. Get every shot right, pull off a cool kill sequence, and you'll be the best player in the match.

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