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About Zorelit.io

Zorelit.io is a space shooter game with a lot of changes. You're in charge of a spaceship with a unique weapon on board.

How to play

You have to fight to be the leader at the table in the game. You can play that game with other people, and it will be harder than you think to become the boss. Stay as long as you can and lead the best players' spaceships. Get different tools that you can use right away, like torpedoes, missiles, and lasers. You lose the old gun when you get a new one. Stay away from the medical kits and temporary shields against enemy fire to save more lives, which is essential for winning. With each level, you'll be able to get better weapons and make the ship safer.

You can fly around in space and hide behind rocks to stay alive. There are no limits in the world, so don't set any. Learn how to fly better than your friends. You can pick from 9 different spaceships in the game and pick the color that you like best. Use the mini-map to get a better sense of where you are in space.

Have fun and good luck!

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