Salvage Guns

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About Salvage Guns

Salvage Guns is a free tank game where you can destroy other players' tanks and improve your own. Don't forget to steal their trash!

How to play

You are in charge of a tank in Salvage Guns, and the goal of this free-for-all PVP browser game is to kill as many other people as you can.

You can get money by looting Salvage Parts, which are dropped when you kill other players, AI (including standard tanks and the boss tank Big Mama), the train, or just a truck.

You can buy different cars and upgrades with Money and make them look the way you want them to with upgrades. You can pick the light tank that moves quickly but is soft, the medium-sized tank that comes with the game, or the heavy tank that moves slowly but is strong. If you'd rather, you can also choose trucks.

Tanks are great for shooting, and trucks are great for staying out of harm's way. However, you need a certain level of Renown to drive some trucks.

Getting salvage parts gets you both money and experience. You get a Renown Rank when your Experience bar is full.

Have fun and good luck!

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