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About is a gun game set in space. You'll fight rocks and other people. Be careful and watch your opponent's every move.

How to play

Getting as many XP points as you can is the main goal of When you get enough XP points, you level up and can choose to improve. Press the U key to open the upgrades window, then choose the changes you want.

Parts of the rock fly off when it explodes, and if one of them hits you, you'll die right away. There may be a green bar on the right that shows your health level.

There is a small map in the bottom left corner. Finding out where comets are can be helped by this.


  • Use the left and right button keys or the mouse to turn your ship.
  • To use the forward thrusters, press the up arrow or W key. To use the backward thrusters, press the down arrow or S key.
  • To shoot, press space or click the mouse button.
  • When improvements are available, press U to open the upgrade screen. To move around, use the arrow keys or the mouse, and press space to choose an upgrade.

Have fun and good luck!

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