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STUG is a top-down multiplayer tank io game with magnifying artillery shell physics. Fight other players in a fast-paced and non-stop tank war.

Fans of World War II scenes should check it out for sure. But even casual action fans who give it a try will have a great time with it.

How to play

Soldiers battle for domination in STUG IO. Wreak havoc with a slow yet powerful destruction machine. Destroy opposing units and take control points together. Win by defending them.

The goal is to eliminate the hostile forces and survive as long as possible. Drive forward and backward with W and S. Steer with A and D. Aim by moving the mouse pointer. Left click to shoot. Press Shift to accelerate. Invade an unprotected area and stay there for a while to conquer it. The tank has multiple layers of reinforced metal at the front. Try attacking from the side for more damage. A well-executed attack from behind will blow away most opponents in a single hit.

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