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About is a battle royale game similar to Fall Guys game where players take the role of a jelly bean character and compete against other players in different mini-games.

How to play LOLBeans.IO

In this game, each match consists of different mini-games, and the rules of each game may vary depending on the mini-game you're playing. However, the objective is always to be the fastest one to reach the finish line and be the last jelly bean standing. In some mini-games, you have to face different obstacles, join team-based challenges, and compete in survival challenges.

After each game, some players who aren't qualified will be eliminated. And you must try to go to the final round and survive to the last.

Each game features new obstacles and challenges. And that also means players must have different skills to be able to win the game.

There can be swinging hammers, bouncy balls, and slippy hills.


LOL Beans io was developed by Big Boss Dolphin and released in October 2020.

Game Controls

  • Right-click or press the Space bar to jump.
  • Control the bean with the WASD or Arrow keys.
  • Avoid all of the obstacles and reach the finish line as fast as you can.
  • In Battle Royale mode: Late players will be eliminated after each round. Be the champion!

Game features

  • Multiplayer battle royale io game
  • Various mini-games
  • Customizable jelly bean characters
  • Ranking system to track your progress

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