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About is a multiplayer snake io game that sets in a vivid world full of amusing creatures. In this game, your goal is to grow the biggest snake by collecting food and avoiding hitting other snakes to survive.

How to play Little Big Snake IO game

Collect food

The game takes place in a colorful world. You start as a small snake and move around to eat different kinds of food to grow. Your main objective is to become the biggest worm in the arena alive.


The arena is filled with other snakes. You need to watch out for your head. If you crash into other snakes, you will lose the game and you have to start all over again.

Trap other players

As you grow longer and bigger, you can encircle other players and get them to hit your body to eliminate them. Once they are eliminated, you can collect their left orbs to grow even bigger.

After all, your main goal is to become the biggest snake to survive in the game.

Game Features

  • Customization - You can customize your snake with different skins and colors
  • Power-ups - There are different power-ups around the map like speed boosts, invincibility, and many more.
  • Quests - The game features different quests that you can complete to earn rewards
  • Teams - You can join teams and cooperate with your teammates to eliminate the opponents and collect more food.
  • Shop - You can go to the shop to buy different items and upgrade your skills
  • Evolution and achievements

Game Controls

  • Move with your mouse
  • Left-click to boost speed Unblocked is a snake io game that features slither-slike mechanics. Play the game, grow the biggest snake, and survive to the last to win.

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