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About Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is a multiplayer strategy game in which players must build and manage their own castle, recruit an army, build a powerful empire and join battles to conquer new lands.

How to play Goodgame Empire game

Getting Started

As its name suggests, your main goal in this game is to build and manage your own empire. To do that, you have to gather different kinds of resources, build structures, and train your army to defend your territory and conquer others.

When you first enter the game, you will see your castle. From there, you can start building structures and training your army.

Building and Training

Try to gather as many resources as possible such as wood, stone, food, and many more. You can obtain them by building resource-gathering structures like sawmills, quarries, and farms.

Don't forget to grow workshops, stables, and barracks to train your army and produce weapons.

Managing your empire

It is also important to keep your citizens happy. You must provide them with food and entertainment service. About your army, you need to provide them food and equip them with strong weapons and armor.

Defending and Conquering

In this game, you need to build walls as well as defensive structures to protect your castle from enemy attacks. Don't forget to train a powerful army to conquer other empires. You can attack other enemy castles and join battles.


Use your mouse to interact

Goodgame Empire Unblocked is an addictive strategy game that you can play online for free.

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