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About is a multiplayer open arena game in which players must try to claim as much territory as possible and rank first on the leaderboard to become the champion.

How to play game

You control a square and move around with the arrows or WASD keys. In order to claim territory, you have to move to draw lines and come back to your own color to claim them as your area.

If another player crosses your line while you're outside of your area, you will lose the game. So you're vulnerable to attack when you're not in your territory. You can also do the same, crossing the line of other players before they complete their enclosed area to eliminate them.

At the end of the game, the player with the most territory is the winner.

Tips To Win 

While the game concept is simple, it's not easy to win at all. Here are some tips to help:

1. Stay close to your territory at the early stage

As you enter the environment, you will surely want to go out exploring. However, that can get you to die within just a few seconds. Because you're exposed to attack when you're outside. So at the beginning, you should stay close to your territory and start expanding your area in small increments. When you claim bigger area, it's easier for you to access the safe area without exposing yourself too much to danger.

2. Don't rush

There is no need to rush because this game is not a race. So be patient. You can gradually grow as long as you stay in the game.

3. Avoid going for "the big one"

It's tempting when you see a vast empty space. However, don't go that far. The fact is that you're never that far from your opponent. So if you want to go in one direction, other players may stumble across your line and defeat you.

4. Pick your targets wisely

When you see an opponent showing you their tail, don't waste your opportunity.

5. Always be aware of the surroundings


  • Different game modes
  • Customizable character
  • Real-time multiplayer game

Game controls

Move with WASD or arrow keys.

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