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About is a multiplayer battle arena game where players must control a character and move on a snowy platform to create the biggest snowball and fight against other players to become the last one standing.

How to play

The game is set on a snowy platform. You control a character and move around to gather snow and get your snowball bigger. The larger your snowball, the more powerful you will become.

When your snowball is big enough, you can throw your snowball at other players to kick them off the platform.

The last one to survive is the winner. You will lose the game if you fall off the platform.

You have to watch around because the section of the platform will turn red gradually every few seconds, and that section will be removed.

You can also become bigger every time you defeat a player.

Once you collect enough points, you will go to the next rank.

You can get a new prestige every 5 ranks.


Move your character with the WASD or arrow keys.

Left-click and hold to gather snow.

Release your left mouse button to throw a snowball.

Game Features:

  • Real-time multiplayer gameplay
  • Customizable characters with different skins
  • Simple game controls
  • Snow-covered arena was developed by Tokyo and released in September 2018.

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