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The game is always changing. When you first start, you are a tiny fly that must eat everything possible to grow and change. Become the biggest creature you can and stay alive.

How to play

You start as a small fly and get better as you eat. The more you grow, the more other players you eat. Every level has more things to eat and a new special skill.

Eat the things and animals that are circled in green. Don't touch animals that have a red outline. They are going to eat you! There will be hundreds of other people fighting to stay alive, so make sure you take breaks and eat. Watch the water level, because you'll need a lot of it to stay alive.

After you've played through the normal and real animals, you can play as devils, mythical beasts, cosmic beings, and the dead. Because he kills prey with his scythe, the Grim Reaper is at the top of the food chain.

Have fun and good luck!

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