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About Hole.io

Hole.io is an arcade io game where players control a black hole and try to consume everything in the city to grow bigger and face other black holes to dominate the arena.

How to play Hole.io game

Consume everything

The game is set in a city. You play as a black hole and move around with your mouse and consume everything on your way, from buildings, cars, traffic signs, and many more. The more objects you consume, the bigger your hole will become.

You start the game as a small black hole and you can only consume things that are smaller than your hole. As you grow bigger, you can consume larger objects.

Avoid larger black holes

Just like any other io games, larger enemies can consume and eliminate you. So try to avoid them. Otherwise, you will lose the game.

Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to move the black hole.
  • Use your left mouse button or tap on the screen to boost speed.

Game Features

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Simple game controls
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Impressive graphics
  • Various city maps

You can play Hole.io unblocked for free on any device. No download is required.

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