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About is the original SEGA classic game where you run away, avoid obstacles, and pick up rings. In multiplayer mode, there are a lot of Sonics fighting to stay alive. Try to be the strongest player and stay alive as long as possible! You can control Sonic as he collects gold rings and tries to avoid his enemies. Your goal is to be the last hedgehog standing. 

Compete with your friends to see who is the best Sonic and who gets to brag about it. Simple, but it will give you a rush and get you up to speed quickly.

How to play

You can play a level with up to 20 other people. In this colorful top-down game, you have to avoid obstacles and pick up rings. Move Sonic with YOUR MOUSE to avoid the game's dangers and collect hoops. There are no spikes or hoops to jump. When a big red gun fires, the game is over. Dangers also show up as big triangles with a "!" in the middle.

After each match, your score will be shown, along with your best score, how long you stayed alive, and how long you stayed alive for the best. You can get skins of famous members of Team Sonic by collecting rings.
All of the skins cost 10,000 rings, which are the game's currency. Try to stay alive as long as possible while collecting rings.

ControlUse your mouse





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