Stumble Guys

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About Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a battle royale party game where you have to race with up to 32 other players through unpredictable obstacle courses and try to survive to the last to become the winner.

How to play Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a variation of Fall Guys game that you can play on both Android and iOS mobile devices. This game is the best choice if you're looking for an alternative to Fall Guys.

In this game, you have to compete with many players in different mini-games. The goal of each mini-game may vary. For example, in some games, you must try your best to overcome obstacles and race to the finish line. In other games, you have to cooperate with your teammates to win. If you can't meet the game requirements, you will be eliminated. So do your best to survive to the last. 

You have to run, jump, climb, slide, punch, and much more to reach the finish line or take down other players. So this game requires players to constantly improve their reflexes and reactions to control the character.

Game Controls:

The game controls are very simple.

Use the Arrow keys to move your character. 

How to win Stumble Guys

Here are some great tips to help you win Stumble Guys:

Learn to Weaponize Your Character’s Physics

When you first start playing Stumble Guys, you'll discover that all the characters have physics: you can bump into them, obstruct their paths with your body, and even push and knock them off cliffs if they're irresponsible.

Use the Game’s Obstacles to Boost Yourself

Run or slide in Stumble Guys. Using impediments to elevate yourself is a third, secret way to advance through a level.

In many of this game's minigames, whirling barriers send you flying in any direction. You can use these hurdles to your advantage. If you're cautious, you can make these obstacles hit you on the back after you sprint past, which will propel you forward. You can win a round by using these obstacles appropriately.

Sometimes, the Goal is Not To Be First

Depending on the type of round you get, the goal may not be to achieve the goal, but rather to survive as long as possible. These rounds are usually complicated, long, and tense, especially if you're up against experienced players.

You can play Stumble Guys on your PC, Android, iOS, and other mobile devices. It's a fantastic battle royale knockout game to play during your free time. Get ready for the race!

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