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The popular board game Monopoly now has an online counterpart called Monopoly IO. There are both public and private games available, as well as the opportunities to invest in real estate, test your luck with the dice, and stock up on lodgings. Mobile phones and other gadgets are fully compatible with Monopoly IO.

How to Play Monopoly IO
Click on a shared or private game to get started with Monopoly IO. Whenever a sufficient number of players have joined your lobby and are prepared to play, the game will begin. When it's your time, use the control panel at the bottom of the screen.

Monopoly IO Strategy
You should spend your initial game money on as many properties as possible. To subsequently employ as bargaining power in a trade with another party. Get together a collection of properties that share a color to finance the purchase of hotels and residences. With this, you may be able to demand ten times as much in rent.

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