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Spades is a thrilling card game that requires strategy, probability, and the ability to seize opportunities. In Spades HD, two partnered teams vie for a four-card "trick" (one for each player) by possessing the card with the highest value in each deck. To win, estimate how many tricks you and your partner will accomplish in each round and be the first team to accumulate 500 points.
After all 13 tricks have been played, teams are scored according to the total number of tricks taken in their bid.

If a team's match score is at least 500, it wins the match. If not, a new round begins and play continues.
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The Play of the Hand
The player on the left of the dealer begins with any card except the spade. It is each player's turn, in clockwise order, to follow if feasible; if they cannot, they may play any card.
If a trick contains a spade, the highest spade played wins. If no spades are played, the highest card of the top card wins. Each trick's victor leads to the next. Spades cannot assume the lead until multiple players have played a spade (leading another set, of course) or the leader holds just spades.
The first spade played is known as the "break" spade.

A party that executes the minimum amount of tricks required by their bid will receive a score equal to ten times their bid. Each additional trick (better trick) is awarded an additional point.


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