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About is fun brick breaking game. Move your mouse to throw the ball and break the blocks. Take out as many blocks as you can before they come crashing down on you!

Brick Breaker remains the arcade favorite of thousands of players due to its simple and enjoyable gameplay. To break the record, aim, shoot, and destroy all the bricks!

How to play

Attain a higher score by aiming the power-ups and firing the bricks at the optimal angle to break additional bricks. At each level of the game, the user will see how the ball breaks different blocks. To get points, the ball has to break the bricks as it moves, so players have to aim well before they send it flying. When you earn points, you'll be able to change the properties of your projectiles and have access to balls with a lot of different greats. Even after firing, blocks will still fall, so you can get bonuses here at any time of day or night.

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