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Cuphead is a typical run-and-gun action game with a heavy emphasis on boss encounters. The images and soundtrack are painstakingly crafted using the same techniques as 1930s cartoons: classic hand drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and real jazz recordings.

Play as Cuphead or Mugman (single or local co-op) as you visit unusual realms, gain new weapons, master strong super powers, and uncover hidden truths while attempting to repay the devil's debt!

Although the game has platform levels that are used to collect coins to buy power-ups and items, most of the time you will be rushing into boss battles. With skill and luck, it might take you just two minutes per table, but in reality the game is extremely difficult and you can spend a lot more time than that. With 3 HP at each level, the player must endure countless attacks and unpredictable turns in the battle with the giant whose loss seems to have been destined for you from the start of the game!

It is true that Cuphead is difficult but by no means impossible and like every other game, you can defeat your opponent by learning and guessing the moves and attacks of each different boss. In the first encounter, you will be overwhelmed by the overwhelming power of the bosses, but failure is the key to propel you forward and you will learn from failure a lot.

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Use the mouse

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