Fireboy & Watergirl

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About Fireboy & Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl is an adventure game where you must control Fireboy and Watergirl to discover mysterious and escape from the temple.

The game features 32 challenging levels. You must avoid a wide range of traps, collect gems, and reach the end gate. Because of their nature, Fireboy can only pass through lava or fire. He will be elimated if he tries to pass through water. Watergirl can easily pass through water but she will die when she touches fire. So keep that in mind and move carefully. Both character must avoid the green lake. The game is over if one character dies.

Before starting your adventure, you should take a look over the level to see the obstacles you have to face up with. In some levels, you have to use both characters to get through.

Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple is best played with a friend.

Release date

November 19, 2009


Fireboy and Watergirl was developed by Oslo Albert

How to play

Use AWD to move Watergirl.

Use arrow keys to move Fireboy.

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