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About Zombs.io

ZOMBS.io is a tower defense io game featuring a fantastic combination of Minecraft and zombies. Construct a base and protect it from hordes of zombies. Strengthen your base by implementing upgrades. Be cautious, as each wave becomes increasingly powerful. How many nights are you able to endure? Party with pals to build a strong foundation (but be cautious! Normally, more zombies will spawn when you join a party.

Game modes

Battle Royale is a format that connects the four primary game styles. In Zombie Royale, 100 players are placed on a zombie-filled MMO battleground, with the number of players decreasing over time.

These are the four game modes:

Solo - a fighter
Duos consist of two players.
Quartet - four-player group
Limited duration - game modes alternate every few days

The rules for ZOMBS.io

Set your Gold Stash [keyboard shortcut 8] to begin your base. Zombies will appear at night, so construct quickly. Gather adjacent stone and wood supplies to begin construction on towers.

Build a Gold Mine to begin producing gold (you use gold to improve your towers and purchase stuff from the shop) (B).

Construct as many turrets as you can to defend your gold and mines. The WALL is really crucial! They'll guard your base and prevent zombies from immediately assaulting your tower. You will earn points for surviving additional nights, and the Zombies will get increasingly powerful. Will you make it to 100?

ZOMBS.io Strategy Tips

Build 8 gold mines as soon as possible to maximize gold income.

Make sure to use Shop (B) to upgrade your Pickaxe, as well as buy other weapons to help with defense.

Upgrade the walls is very important - be very careful because later on Zombies will be much stronger and can surprise you!

How to play

WASD or arrow keys to move.

M or Tab to view the map.

E to interact.

Left click to shoot.

Right-click to open the emoji list.

R to reload.


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