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About is a snake io game where players must control a snake and navigate around to eat pellets and become the biggest snake in the game.

How to play Slither io game

Consume and grow

In this game, you will join players around the world. You start as a small worm and move around with your mouse to consume colorful pellets to grow in size. Your main goal is to become the biggest snake in the game. The more pellets you consume, the bigger you will become.

Survive and attack

The map is filled with other snakes and they will also try to eliminate you. So try to stay away from them to survive. If you hit them, you will lose the game. When you get bigger, you can take out other snakes by encircling them and causing them to crash into your body.

You can use your left mouse button to boost speed or a spacebar to make a sudden turn.

Collect special orbs

In addition to normal pellets or orbs around the map, you can collect two special kinds of orbs to grow even faster. The first one is the orbs that a snake leaves when it dies. The second one is a floating orb. It's hard to collect this orb as it moves really fast if you chase them. However, it's worth pursuing because it will make you grow bigger.

Release Date

March 2016

Developer was developed by Steve Howse.

Game Controls


  • Move with your mouse.
  • Left-click to boost speed.


  • Use the Up arrow to boost speed.
  • Use the Left/right arrow to turn left or right.


Is free to play?

Yes, is free to play online on all platforms.

Can I play with friends?

Yes, you can play with friends by sharing your game link with them. You can also join public games and play with random players from around the world.

How do I avoid getting trapped by other snakes?

To avoid getting trapped by other snakes, try to stay near the edge of the game board. This will give you more room to maneuver and make it harder for other snakes to surround you. You can also use sudden turns to escape from tight spots.

Slither io unblocked is a popular snake game. Try to consume as many orbs as you can, avoid other snakes, and become the biggest one 

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