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About is a multiplayer io game in which players control a square and try to grow it to become the biggest square by consuming smaller cells and avoiding larger ones.

How to play game

Grow your cell

Your main goal is to become the biggest cell in the arena. You can move around with your mouse and collect cells. The more cells you collect, the bigger and stronger you will become. In the beginning, you can only consume colorful small cells. When you grow enough, you can consume smaller players and grow faster.

Avoid bigger cells

You also need to avoid getting eliminated by larger cells. So, be careful when you move around and try to avoid larger cells at all costs.

Beware of green squares

Beware of the green squares with a number on them. If you touch them for a certain time, they can split your cell into smaller pieces or make you explode.

Game Controls

  • Move with your mouse or touchpad.
  • Press the spacebar to split your cell.
  • Move your smaller cell next to your larger cell to merge your cell back together.

Game tips

Here are some game tips and strategies to help you win the game

- Focus on consuming smaller cells and avoid larger cells at the beginning

- Use the split function wisely. You can split your cell into multiple smaller cells to consume smaller cells faster. However, be careful when using this feature, as it will make your cell vulnerable to attacks from other players.

- Pay attention to the surroundings. There are many enemies in the arena and they will try to take you down. Try to stay away from larger cells. Othwerwise, they can consume you and you will lose the game.

- Merge your cells when needed to become bigger and survive in the game.

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