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About is a game that looks like Bomberman. You are going to get bombs and blow up your enemies!

How to play

To set a new world record is the main goal of the game! You'll get 300 points for each enemy you kill, and points for a very blown-up automatic saw. There are more tools than just bombs. That's what makes Bombot different from other games like it.

To place and pick up bombs, you can use either the mouse or the keyboard. You can move with the arrow keys, change guns with the S key, and drop the bomb with the D key. The controls are pretty easy to use. Get new tools and power-ups by destroying walls. Power-ups can make you faster, give you more bombs, or make them do more damage.

AI bots are pretty scary because they can do anything. Put bombs all around them and blow them up. Remember that you can't get past the bomb unless you have a certain power-up. You will die if you lock yourself with your bomb.

Have fun and good luck!

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