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About Drawbattle.io

Drawbattle.io is an online PvP competition for painters. Fans pick the winner of this epic fight.

How to play

A word to draw is suggested by the game, and two players are chosen to start drawing it. Other players (well, not really players, just viewers) will choose which picture is better. When time runs out, teams sit back and watch the game start over. Drawbattle.io has the most-used tools, such as a paint bucket to fill with color, change the line's color and width, and more. For sure, the judges won't like it if you write a word instead of drawing.

Click Party in the menu, copy a link, and send it to your friends if you'd rather play with them than on your own. You will play in a secret room that can only be reached through the link you made.

Have fun and good luck!

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