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About is a fun online multiplayer game where players take turns drawing and guessing words. Draw and guess with anyone in the world, anywhere in the world!

The game is a simple but addictive game that's perfect for playing with friends or strangers online. 

How to play

Here are the steps to play game:

  • Click on "Play" to enter the game lobby. Choose a name for yourself and select a language.
  • Click on "Create Game" to start a new game, or "Join Game" to enter an existing game. If you are the creator of the game, you can select the number of rounds, the drawing time limit, and the language of the words.
  • Once the game starts, one player will be chosen to draw a word from a list of options. They have a limited amount of time to draw their word using the tools provided.
  • The other players must try to guess the word by typing their answers into the chatbox.
  • When someone guesses the word correctly, the drawing player will receive points, and a new round will begin with a new player selected to draw. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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